Intercessors for America: Empowering Prayer for the Nation

Intercessors for America (IFA) is a prominent organization dedicated to mobilizing and empowering individuals to engage in prayer and intercession for the United States. Founded with a vision to see the nation transformed through prayer, IFA has become a leading voice in the Christian prayer movement, uniting believers from diverse backgrounds to seek God’s guidance and intervention for the country’s spiritual and social challenges.

The Heart of Intercession:

At the core of Intercessors for America is the belief in the power of prayer to impact nations. Recognizing the biblical principles of prayer, the organization emphasizes that intercession is not merely a religious duty but a powerful tool to influence the course of events and bring about positive change. IFA encourages believers to engage in intercession on a wide range of national issues, including politics, leadership, families, education, and morality.

Mobilizing a Prayerful Community:

IFA has successfully created a robust prayer community that spans across the nation. Through various platforms, such as their website, social media, email updates, and prayer conferences, the organization keeps its members informed and connected. The IFA team ensures that critical prayer requests and updates on pressing issues are promptly shared with the community, allowing believers to respond in unity and fervency.

Focused Prayer Initiatives:

One of IFA’s strengths lies in its strategic and focused prayer initiatives. The organization identifies key issues and national events, encouraging intercessors to pray specifically and intentionally. Whether it’s praying for elections, natural disasters, social justice issues, or national leaders, IFA provides guidance and resources to help intercessors pray effectively and confidently.

Bipartisan and Non-Denominational Approach:

Intercessors for America maintains a bipartisan and non-denominational approach to prayer. The organization seeks to unite believers from various Christian backgrounds, emphasizing the importance of standing together in prayer for the nation, regardless of political affiliations or doctrinal differences. IFA fosters an atmosphere of love, respect, and unity among its prayer community.

Encouraging Civic Engagement:

While prayer is at the core of IFA’s mission, the organization also recognizes the importance of civic engagement. Encouraging believers to be actively involved in their communities and government processes, IFA promotes responsible citizenship and the importance of voting and advocating for values aligned with biblical principles.

Prayer for Revival and Awakening:

Central to Intercessors for America’s mission is the desire to see revival and spiritual awakening sweep across the nation. The organization believes that through fervent and united prayer, God can bring about transformation at the individual, community, and national levels. IFA seeks to inspire believers to become agents of change through prayerful intercession.

Intercessors for America stands as a beacon of hope, mobilizing believers across the United States to seek God’s wisdom, guidance, and intervention through prayer. With a non-partisan approach and a heart for unity, IFA empowers its prayer community to intercede strategically for the nation’s pressing issues. As believers unite in fervent prayer, the vision of transformation and revival for America remains steadfast, driven by the conviction that prayer can indeed bring about lasting change.