Kamen America: A Comic and Web Series About a Patriotic Superheroine

Kamen America is a comic and web series that features a superheroine who is inspired by the American spirit and culture. The main character is Carly Vanders, a girl who was hit by cosmic debris and gained superpowers. She decided to use her abilities to fight crime and injustice as Kamen America, the patriotic paladin.

The comic series is created by Timothy Lim and Mark Pellegrini, who are also known for their works on Black Hops, Thump, and My Hero Magademia. The web series is adapted from the comic by Tim Lim and Matthew Weldon, who are also the artists of the comic. The web series is available on WEBTOON, a platform for digital comics. The comic books are available on Amazon, where they have received positive reviews from readers.

The story of Kamen America follows Carly as she tries to balance her life as a superheroine and a normal girl. She also meets other superpowered individuals, such as Starlight, Hammer, and Warhen, who join her in fighting evil forces. Along the way, she faces various challenges, such as dealing with her fame, her family, her love interest, and her enemies.

Kamen America is a comic and web series that combines humor and action with a patriotic theme. It is a homage to the classic superhero genre, but with a modern twist. It also explores the themes of identity, friendship, responsibility, and freedom. If you are a fan of superhero comedy and action, you might enjoy Kamen America.